Course Schedule


Summer 2022

Intercultural Apologetics

Instructor: Dr. Daniel Strange

History of Christianity I (Early & Medieval)

Instructor: Dr. Donald Fairbairn

Winter 2022

Theological Research and Method

Instructor: Academic Fellows

Missional Hermeneutics

Instructor: Dr. Sung Kook Jung

Summer 2021

Reformed Epistemology: The Pursuit of True Knowledge

Instructor: Dr. John Frame


Summer 2021

Reformed Confessions

Instructor: Dr. Bruce Baugus

The Doctrine of the Church and Missions

Instructor: Dr. Steve Park

Winter 2021

Methodology for Theological Research

Instructor: Enoch Lee & Dr. Grace Jang

Contextual Apologetics

Instructor: Dr. Peter Chow

Summer 2020

Exegetical-Theological Hermeneutics

Instructor: Dr. Douglas Green

Winter 2020

Reformed Epistemology

Instructor: Dr. David Garner