GATE-CH (China) launched its first course on Reformed Epistemology during the winter of 2020 with the vision of helping seminaries established by house churches to develop instructors and faculty members from their graduates. GATE-CH offers Doctor of Theological Education (DTE) as its degree program.


Program Prerequisites

The applicant
  1. Has a clear calling to theological education.
  2. Has a Master of Divinity degree or equivalent with a GPA above B (or 85).
  3. Is recommended and supported by an existing seminary.
  4. Demonstrates competence in critical reasoning and reading comprehension in English.

Program Requirements

The student will need

  1. To complete 8 modules in the span of two years (4 courses each year).
  2. To complete a final project which includes a design for a coursework to be taught in the future.

GATE-CH Core Courses

  • Methodology for Theological Research
  • Reformed Epistemology
  • Contextual Apologetics
  • Exegetical-Theological Hermeneutics
  • Reformed Confessions
  • Chinese Church History in the Context of the World Christianity
  • Philosophy of Theological Education
  • The Doctrine of the Church and Missions